• How it works NETDB.IO V2?


    In netdb we have to main tabs, the tab Workspace and the tab Explorer, our projects will be called "workspaces", workspaces will be containing one service by row, each row represents a service that will also contain host information, geolocalization information, fingerprint information and more, all data is based on timestamp so you can compare service/hosts evolution across the time.

    To populate your workspace you need to use the module "Explorer", in which netdb is connecting you from one single API endpoint to three different sources(Shodan, Censys, Zoomeye).

    Once you have found your data, just copy it to your current workspace, having the service/hosts in your workspace you can perform any kind of action over your data workspace somethings called dataset. Actions like mapping the hosts into a map or running command remotely to each row which represent a service/host.

    NETDB V1 vs NETDB V2

    As many of you already know, I(James Jara) build netdb v1 myself with another person whose role was to research based on my the results of my tool, Netdb used to be IoT Search Engine, but without investment was very hard to pay the bill for the big data services at the end, the insider delete the big data warehouse without any way to recover it, so this is why I create the current NETDB , what I call NETDB V2, something really useful, not another IoT Search Engine without anything extra for the hackers. NETDB V2 is a really good tool more than an IoT Search Engine Aggregator, a real dashboard for IoT Management and Vulnerability Research. If you want to see how did netdb look in the beginning click here: netdb v1.


    1. Create workspace
    2. Explore data
    3. Run plugins



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