How it works

The first Internet of things agregator search engine, we are connecting all the IoT Search Engine sources into one single place, so you can gathering all the information posible, created for reasearch, call for papers and infosecurity companies. .

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Geolocation data

We keep track geolocation data for each TIP addresses. We have data about country, city, localtime or latitude/longitude

Top IoT Sources

We collect information from Shodan(USA), Censys(USA), Zoomeye(Chine) having world wide coverage

Thing/Service/Product Context

By Thing context we store product information, version, device type, vendor information, service and more

Common Platform Enumeration (CPE)

The relevant Common Platform Enumeration for the product or known vulnerabilities if available

Netblock Information

We have data about Netblock information like netnames, subnet and description of netblocks

SSL/TLS Certificates

Parsed certificate data such issuer, subject cipher, chain, dh parameters, versions.

Grouping data

Group by source(shodan, netdb, censys, zoomeye) or any other field like ASN, port, IP, geolocation, CPE, version, product name and others

Custom Views

The views allow YOU to create multiple scenarios. A view is the state of the workspace: sorting, grouping, derived columns, columns visibility, columns titles.

Local filtering

Makes it easier to analyze and view your data by filtering the data temporarily. Begin typing an value in the filter box above the column (for example type "192.168.*")

Hiliting data

Hilite cells by creating rules based on the values of data. For example use red color in the text with black background if the value of the column Port is mayor to the value 80.

Dynamic Columns

Custom columns and formulas columns are columns dynamically created in the client only using math formulas or fixed values from other columns.


Open-source plugins like Google Maps, Remotly terminal, Ngrok, Metasploit, etc. Top featured: Web TCP Tunnel so you can communicate with your server and do what ever you want.

Plugin: Remote Command Execution

By running the HTTPS TUNNEL service in any remote server, you can execute commands over the hosts in your workspace

Plugins more plugins

More than 5 plugins and open source it, you can create any plugin for netdb by following a simple interface.


If you have any question please go to stackoverflow/ and ask anything you want.